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We build decentralized, open-source and private infrastructure for the web
Hack-a-Chain is a laboratory for high tech experiments aimed at solving data leakage problems that cause financial losses and security issues.
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Near Protocol
Phala Network
Our Solutions
Applications and infrastructure for the web3 leveraging state of art cryptography.
A decentralized protocol that protects blockchain user’s identity by allowing them to easily perform private transactions. Powered by an innovative anti-money laundering concept designed specifically for the web3 context.
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Enhanced security and performance for privacy systems by merging zero-knowledge with trusted execution environments. Easily perform a secure ZK setup ceremony or delegate ZK proofs generation to a third party decentralized and private server.
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Opact Protocol
An ecosystem of privacy solutions for the future of blockchain. Our dApps allows people to navigate privately on the web3 space, powered by the Privacy Pools innovative anti-money laundering concept, minted by Vitalik itself itself.
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Gone are the days that web3 is restricted to developers. ClickDapp allows anyone to create their own decentralized application, easily prototype or run frontends as affiliates with no-code.
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Our expertise
From mastering advanced cryptographic techniques to crafting robust smart contracts, our expertise spans a spectrum of scientific knowledge to application development.
Zero-knowledge Fully Homomorphic Encryption Multi-Party Computation Trusted Execution Environments Indistinguishably Obfuscation
Advanced languages
Experience with the most well-known, but also the not so common stacks used on the blockchain space.
Smart Contracts
Creation of the core smart contracts for privacy applications, DeFi, NFT and App Chains.
Product Prototyping
We follow a fluid and interactive development process, backed by deeply user research and tests.
Video Library
Dive into Hack-a-Chain’s products, blockchain technology, and much more!
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Blog articles
Exploring innovative security solutions for blockchain performance enhancement.
Privacy and Compliance on Kadena
Implementation of Opact, a private accounts protocol designed for well-intended users.
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Zero Knowledge as a solution for blockchain performance
Blockchain technology has emerged as a transformative force, revolutionizing industries and enabling...
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Under the Hammer: exploring the auction market and its transition towards digitalization
In 2022, the auction market amounted to almost 27 billion dollars. The US shares the largest portion of this market...
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Founding and Mission
Hack-a-Chain was founded in 2022 by three young entrepreneurs as a security audit and software development company specialized in blockchain technology. We rapidly evolved into a laboratory for high-tech experiments focused primarily in data privacy.
Our products were bootstrapped and partially awarded grants from major blockchain players, such as Near Protocol, Phala Network and Kadena.
Our end goal is to reduce financial losses and increase system’s security by reducing unwanted data leakages from design failure. We envision doing that by combining advanced cryptographic techniques to provide control over data flow. Contact us for cooperation!
Rafael Kras
João Veiga
Pedro Destri
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